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Interior/Exterior Demolition & Excavation Services

CRS Construction provides progressive deconstruction services using state of the art technology and techniques.

From small hourly jobs to large-scale projects, we demolish almost anything including houses, bathrooms, flooring, kitchens, basements, garages, sheds, swimming pools, patios, decks, porches, and fences, barns, out buildings, low buildings, industrial buildings, plazas, warehouses, and many other structures.

At CRS, we approach all project differently by identifying the project’s unique requirements and selecting the right machinery and techniques to insure the job is done in a safe and efficient manner. Each project comes with a unique set of requirements and challenges, so a specific estimate is always necessary. However, all quotes are conducted on site and are %100 free

All estimates include an initial site visit and formal written quotations that detail:


  • time required to do work
  • project production schedule
  • site comments & recommendations
  • cost and payment terms

We work closely with our clients to assess the deconstruction challenges, safety concerns. We then formulate the scope of work and the demolition strategy for each particular site. We take the time to explain the demolition process and scope of work in detail so that you will know what to expect. CRS Construction takes a hands-on approach to all our projects. Our trained staff will remain on site for the duration of every project – large and small.

Before demolition is performed on any site, we make sure there are no hazards, we disconnect all utilities (i.e. gas and hydro) if necessary, and obtains all the necessary permits.

CRS Construction, has a very high reputation for taking every reasonable measure to responsibly maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for our personnel, the customer, and the general public. We always comply fully with all local regulations, the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board requirements.

CRS Construction has established comprehensive Health & Safety policies which all our staff adhere to every project.

Call CRS Construction Inc. today at (647)760-7087 for your next demolition or excavation project.

Construction Management

As Construction Manager, we offer our advising services to the Owner, the client and all other project participants. Working to complete the vision and mission of the owner and our clients by managing the projects from the design process and construction documentation to the completion of construction.

Waste Removal

CRS Construction is ready to provide any size waste containers at flat-rate charge or by-weight charge. All containers will be placed on a specific material to protect the property from any damages (i.e driveway interlocks, grass, etc).


At CRS Construction, we use high quality materials and techniques and the best methods to insure our work when it comes to waterproofing. We do all types of waterproofing and we provide warranty after testing the area that has been waterproofed by our specialists.

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